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Updated 10th February 2020

This records some investigations and findings. Please let me know if you come across any new facts.

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Tyzack Aqueduct.

I came across this title on the Internet. It is the name of an aqueduct run by the Utah Central Water Authority.

It seems that Herbert Tyzack was an early pioneer in Uintah County in Eastern Utah before 1900. (He is mentioned in a book by Frank Hamilton Cushing who found him trying his hand at mining for Turquoise.) The Central Utah Project takes water that would flow into the Colorado River and re-routes it back into Central Utah where all the people live. The Tyzack Aqueduct is part of the Red Fleet Dam project.

Arlene Schmuland of the Utah Archives kindly found the following: -

The Utah Centennial County History Series, specifically the volume on Uintah County entitled: “A History of Uintah County Scratching the Surface,” by Doris Karren Burton was published in Utah by Utah State Historical Society, in 1996.
The book doesn't discuss the aqueduct specifically, but does associate the name Tyzack with the Red Fleet Dam project as follows:

"Construction of the dam began in 1977 and the 145-foot-high, 1,640-foot-long earth-filled embankment was completed in 1980. Work included flood control, recreational facilities, and drainage ditches in the agricultural area to be served. The reservoir was first named in honour of the Tyzack family--Adair, Ed, and Herbert--who owned the property where the dam was to be built. The name was later changed by a local councillor for some reason, to the Red Fleet Reservoir simply because of the red cliffs in the area resembling a fleet of ships. " (p. 321)

As this was a federal project, (part of the 1971 federal budget under the name of the Jensen Unit of the Central Utah Project) Arlene suggested that I might wish to check with the appropriate federal agency or the National Archives.

Herbert Tyzack is also mentioned in the book as the secretary of the Vernal Milling and Light Company that built a flour mill in Vernal in 1907. (p. 124)

Now there were quite a lot of records left about Herbert when he was young because he tried to make his fortune by prospecting for turquoise in nearby New Mexico when he was just 18.

In a book about the anthropologist Frank Hamilton Cushing there are many references to Herbert when he was with a small party of miners in Zuni territory of the Pueblo Indians.
Here is a link to an extract: Cushing at Zuni


The following information has been found for me by Barbara Johnson: -

There was a Henry Maurice Tyzack born in 1836 in Devon. He died 13 May 1868 in Philadelphia, PA. He married Ellen Elizabeth Broome on 7 April 1858 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, lowa.

Ellen Elizabeth Broome was christened on August 25, 1834 at St. Sidwell, Exeter, Devon, England. She died July 31, 1885 at Council Bluffs.

Ellen Elizabeth married J.S. Wheeler on July 6, 1871 in Council Bluffs after the death of Henry.

Henry and Ellen had three sons:

1 ) Edwin Tyzack born April 15, 1859 in Council Bluffs and died July 31, 1945 married Kate in 1894. Where he died is not listed. (He could be the Ed Tyzack of the aqueduct. Kate was born about 1863 possibly also in Council Bluffs.

2) Herbert Tyzack born July 3, 1861 in Council Bluffs, lowa who died October 23, 1942 in Vernal, Vintah, Utah and was buried there. Herbert married Mary Jane Garrick on April 7, 1885 in Gunnison, Sanpete, Utah.

Mary Jane Garrick was born Sept. 17, 1867 in Gunnison, Sanpete, Utah the daughter of Hamilton Morris Garrick and Elizabeth Tilly. Mary died April 7, 1903 in Vernal, Vintah, Utah and is buried there.

3) Morris Tyzack who was born in November 1863 and died June 16, 1864.

Edwin and Kate did not have children but Herbert and Mary Jane did as follows:

1) Maurice Tyzack born April 12, 1886 in Gunnison, Utah and who died Sept. 21, 1918. Maurice married Mary Olsen.

2) Raymond G. Tyzack born Dec. 8, 1888 in Gunnison.

3) Henry Edwin Tyzack (also could be Ed) born Aug. 14, 1891 in Gunnison and died Jan. 17, 1953. He married Gladys Curnow.

4) Ellen Elizabeth "Bessie" Tyzack born May 14, 1894 in Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah and died March 4, 1944 in Salina, Sevier Co., Utah. She is buried in Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah. She married Anton Willard Jensen on May 25, 1914 in Manti or Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah. They have 6 children and numerous grandchildren, etc.

5) Herbert Adair Tyzack (This is the Adair ) born March 4, 1896/97 in Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah or Vernal, Vintah, Utah and died Aug. 22, 1955. He married Lydia May Cook on August 13, 1920/21 in Vernal, Vintah, Utah.

6) Mabel Tyzack b. Dec. 31, 1899 in Vernal, Utah and d. Nov. 11, 1918.

7) Grace Tyzack married Laurel Charles Findlay

Barbara thinks that Herbert was the father born in 1861 and his two sons Ed (Henry Edwin) born 1891 and Adair (Herbert Adair) born 1896/97 and they lived in Vernal where the land was sold for the dam and they ran the store in 1907. Or the Ed could have been Herbert's brother Edwin. The boys would have been pretty young in 1907.


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