Musée de la RESIDENCE de CLAIREY    

In July 1986, with the collaboration of the township of Hennezel, the "Residence" of Clairey was opened. It is a Museum of glass and glassmaking, and of Iron and Wood. Naturally it contains much about the glassmaking families.
All kinds of old tools are preserved together with the craft know-how and the memories of the region.
One room remembers the Resistance in Forest of Darney during the last war.
It also contains a collection of glassware, made by LEGRAS who was called by some, Mr. Glassmaker. He served his apprentiship in Clairey.

Musée du Verre specializes in the mediaeval glassmakers of the forest of Darney and in particular the glassmakers mentioned in the Charter:

    Tyzacks, Hennezels, Bisvals.

The museum is part of the Association SAONE LORRAINE.
They are always interested in new members: Write to

3 Avenue de Lattre de Tassigny

06 74 25 54 37