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Updated 10th October 2021

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This page lists those who have agreed to be listed as having some interest in the name Tyzack.
Please send me an e-mail if you would like to be added.

Name e-mail address Interests
Don Tyzack All references
Trevor & Sandra Tyzack All References
Andrew Tyzack All Tyzack contacts, particularly artists
John Tyzack Lot Valley, old furniture and tractors.
Paulette Green Joseph Tysick b. ca.1780 in Newcastle, to Ontario
John Elton All Australian References (No recent response!)
Arthur Henzell Henzell, de Hennezel, Henzey family
Paul Tyzack Tyzack Tool Companies and family
Anthony JohnTyzack All Tyzack Family
Anne & Brett Simpson All Australian References but also any others
Barbara Johnson Joseph Tysick Bathurst et.seq.
Bruce Tyzack All references
Chris Gosnell Norfolk and South Africa.
Stephane Louis Glassmakers of Lorraine/France - Duhoux family
Jennifer Siemens Ontario Tysicks and Newcastle Tyzacks
Jeff Riman Ontario Tysicks and Newcastle Tyzacks
Judith Slater All references of interest
Karen Mulla All references please
Craig Mollekin All references please
paticularly Sheffield
Dave Morton All references please
especially to scythes and to Hackenthorpe Sheffield
Mike Tyzack All references please
especially descendants of Harringay Henry!
Patricia Willis Sheffield references please
especially Attercliffe, Sheffield
John Hullock References to Rebecca Hullock née Tyzack
born 1725
Evelyn Tysick
  (living in Ontario) References to Tysick
Julie Farr
  (living in Utah) References to Tyzack,Tysick and connections to Taylor

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