"Glass, Tools and Tyzacks"

These are chapters one to twenty-two from the fourth edition of my book.

  You can open these files on the following bullets directly but you may need to fiddle with your Adobe Acrobat reader if you have a Reader version 5 on this PC. Open the reader, - select Edit / Preferences / Options. Disable the entry: "Allow fast web view". Save the changes and reopen the web browser. Now the PDF will be displayed."
     Chapter One      Chapter Two
     The story of François Tyzack
     Chapter Four      Chapter Five
     Chapter Six      Chapter Seven
     Chapter Eight      Chapter Nine
     Chapter Ten      Chapter Eleven
     Chapter Twelve      Chapter Thirteen
     Chapter Fourteen      Chapter Fifteen
     Chapter Sixteen      Chapter Seventeen
     Chapter Eighteen      Chapter Nineteen
     Chapter Twenty      Chapter Twenty-One
     Chapter Twenty-Two      Tyneside Tyzacks
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