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All Tyzacks came from the families who were first found in Lorraine around 1400. Where they came from before that has so far not been discovered.
The book should appeal to persons interested in the history of both glass and of tools, but in addition it contains tables with a wealth of genealogical information including 1500 references to TYZACK family births deaths and marriages. The marriage table alone contains about 270 other family names. So anyone with a Tyzack in his or her family tree should get invaluable help.
This is a book about some glassmaking families of Lorraine from the fifteenth century. It traces their position in the feudal society of the dukedom of Lorraine. Many were Huguenots and the book gives a good account of the background to the Huguenot cause. Glassmakers in Lorraine were privileged and became wealthy. They prospered for two centuries in spite of the many adversities besetting their border regions.
Toward the end of the sixteenth century the glass business suffered a decline and many emigrated. Huguenots were made to recant or to get out and relinquish their property. Soon their region became devastated by war. The book follows the fortunes of those that came to England and brought better window glass. Apart from some opposition to their destruction of the Sussex forests, all went surprisingly well in England. Then a courtier named Sir Robert Mansell contrived to put them all out of business when he secured the monopoly of all glass, from King James I. From then the Lorrainers were forced to work for Sir Robert until they emerged, after his death, as owners of many of England's glass businesses.
The book then leaves the glass business and describes the Tyzack Tool businesses making tools such as saws, used in the furniture industry and scythes and machine knives, used in agriculture. The stories of the tool companies they founded in Sheffield are told. In their day, these companies supplied tools to the world. Most early Tyzack tool companies are described intertwined with an outline of the social conditions at the time. As the glassmaking business was established early in Newcastle this connection is also explored. The book also mentions several Tyzacks who emigrated to other parts of the world.
All this is strung together by following the Tyzack family from generation to generation.

Published in hardback, in 256 pages of size 21.6 cms. x 13.8 cms. with thirty-four illustrations.

Author Don Tyzack,

ISBN 0 9526390 5 X


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